Imagine an entire city
saturated with the Gospel.

Five years ago a small group of Gospel workers met in a home and dreamed about being God’s building in Fort Worth—light that pushes back darkness. And in that five years Jesus has built great things.

In the 5+ years that we have scattered across the city—in neighborhoods and campuses, different workplaces and gathering places—we’ve seen that as we have been faithful to go, God has seen fit to have broken, searching, wounded people come; into our lives, into our homes, into our Sunday gatherings, in our midsts, the Abused, the Hurting, the Questioning, the Doubting, the Oppressed, the Broken have been drawn to The Paradox Church.

Imagine an entire city saturated with the Gospel.

Our vision is to saturate Fort Worth with the glory and grace of God through planting churches, training leaders, convincing people of the Redeemer’s love, joining the city in it’s love for music and arts, and mobilizing a Gospel renewal in the city.

A foundation has been laid . . .
We Are God’s Building!

Join in
the Music & Arts
City Renewal
Provide a
Mission HQ

In 10 Years

Fort Worth will grow to over a million people as one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Fort Worth is changing and Fort Worth needs Jesus.

This is our chance!

Pray. Engage. Give.

This vision needs all of us. We are asking you to consider what Jesus is building in you and what he has built you for in Fort Worth. Are you in?