What exactly is We Are God's Building?

We Are God’s Building is a two-year vision campaign to raise $4.5 million for everything The Paradox Church is called to do in the next two years. A vision campaign is a one-fund, one-vision initiative to rally around and to participate in.

What's this One-Fund thing?

A one-fund budget acknowledges that everything we do is centered around one thing—the mission of Jesus.   

Usually churches do a two-fund approach. Give like you normally give and then give above and beyond to the building fund. This approach confuses many people. By framing it that way, it rules out those who aren’t giving. It devalues The Journey the Lord will take many people in our church on—the journey of giving for the first time consistently, or intentionally, or sacrificially. So, we want to be as inclusive as possible in the way we talk about giving; for the person giving nothing to the person already giving substantially. We want everyone in our church family to be able to participate and grow.  

So a one-fund approach asks every person in our church family to get before the Lord with their heart wide open and discern one number that represents radical and sacrificial generosity for the next two years.

And what's The Journey?

The Journey is a tool designed to help you see money as a good tool for God’s kingdom. The Journey focuses on behaviors and attitudes of our hearts, rather than on amounts or percentages, further transforming us into the likeness of Christ.

Each stage represents growth in a lifestyle of generosity and sacrifice. They are not steps you ascend to get to God, but simply a way to evaluate your growth in generosity. Scripture encourages us to grow in every facet of our walk with Christ, including the grace of giving (2 Corinthians 8:7).

We want to challenge everyone in our church family to identify the stage they most closely identify with, and then by faith, take the next step on their personal journey of generosity.

Why are we doing this?

Because we are compelled by the glory and grace of Jesus to proclaim and display the glory and grace of Jesus! Like the Apostle Paul (1 Cor. 15:10) we are compelled by grace to flaunt the Gospel in word and deed. Because the church is the display of God’s kaleidoscope wisdom to make much of Jesus (Eph. 3:10). Because God providing for us this building is also God’s calling of us to keep going on the mission He has called us to in Fort Worth. And because we love Fort Worth. We love Jesus and we love the city He has sent us to.

Why now?

Because in the next ten years Fort Worth will grow to over a million people as one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Because a City Group—a family of disciples on mission—is needed for every 1000 residents (at least) for their to be a saturation of the Gospel in a city. That’s a 1000 City Groups that are needed in the next ten years. Fort Worth is changing. It’s growing rapidly but we need to notice how it’s growing. People are moving in from different parts of the country and from different cultural backgrounds, bringing with them new ideas, less church experience, more pluralistic worldviews, increasingly diverse races and religious views—God is bringing all sorts of people here. We need a saturation of the Gospel in both word and deed, in contextualized form, from a host of missionaries, as a family that treasures Jesus together, equipped and sent out throughout the city.

How much will this cost?

We Are God’s Building is the first phase of a ten-year plan. It’s a two-year plan to obtain a permanent building, raise up leaders, plant churches, and invest in the Gospel renewal of Fort Worth. It is a one-fund budget of $4.5 million dollars that includes our normal operating expenses and the vision initiatives outlined here.

Why churches?

Church planting is the most strategic way to grow the body of Christ in a city. We can’t saturate Fort Worth with the glory and grace of God merely through the transfer of Christians from other churches, or just by becoming a bigger church even through conversions. The Paradox Church is not the answer for the Gospel in Fort Worth—Jesus is. It will take all the Gospel preaching/believing churches in Fort Worth, and then some, to reach our goal. New churches are proven to be the most effective way to reach those not already part of a church, as well as to spark renewal for existing churches and an overall increase in Gospel renewal (mercy and justice) throughout a city. Read more about our plan for new churches.

Why leaders?

If we want to saturate the city, we need gospel-formed leaders at every level of ministry and the marketplace. Planting new churches citywide will require a long-term process to identify and train vocational ministers to lead them. We also need lay leaders discipled to apply the gospel across every sphere of their life, and in every domain of the city—education, arts, government, business, etc. Read more about how we will build more leaders through Porterbrook Fort Worth.

Why a building?

Our own building is an efficient tool for the mission to which God has called us. Over the long term it is better economic stewardship. It gives us a mission headquarters to disciple, equip, and train leaders. As a missional, sending, church-planting church, it increases our sending capacity—our ability to send out everyday missionaries into the city and to send out church planters, church planting teams, and international missionaries. As well, for over a 100 years, no new church has been planted in Downtown and stayed there; either it didn’t last or it moved out of Downtown. The church steeple used to be the highest point of a city, a symbol of God-centeredness and spiritual vitality in a place. Our own building Downtown is a symbol to the city that Fort Worth is not just growing economically, numerically, and culturally, but spiritually too. By renovating a beautiful, historic structure we get to beautify our city and at the same time paint a picture of how the Gospel renews and rebuilds. Further, it’s a way for us to put down roots in the city, a sign that we are here to stay, that we are for the city and not just using the city’s resources, that we are here to serve for the long term, for the Gospel renewal of Fort Worth.

How do City Groups fit into this?

City Groups are the life of our church—the context for discipleship and family at The Paradox Church. City Groups are where church planting starts for us. As groups are saturated in a geographic area of Fort Worth we will plant churches out of them.

How long will this take?

We Are God’s Building is the first phase of a decade-long plan. In ten years, Fort Worth will be over a million people. We will plant ten churches in those ten years. We Are God’s Building launches the first phase (2016-2018), laying the foundation for a long-term movement to bless the city. And our prayer is that the next decade will only be a small part of the long-term work God will do in our city. Our vision is not to be a flash in the pan, but to change the life of our city for generations to come.

How can I participate?

You are a God’s building, God’s fellow worker (1 Cor. 3:9). Your neighborhood, your job, your relationships are each places where you can love people and bless this city like no single other person in Fort Worth can do. We need you to say, “I’m in” to pray, engage, and give as part of God’s building in Fort Worth. Are you in?