Commitment Stories: Aaron and Kristen

Commitment Stories: Aaron and Kristen

Aaron and Kristen Chevalier approached their commitment to We Are God’s Building very logically. God met them in that, but then stretched them.

As a couple, they had already been giving to the church. As Christians, they knew about the importance of giving sacrificially, but there had never really been a catalyst that moved them to action until the vision campaign. As an early adopter couple, they read The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn. Before reading the book, they had already decided to double what they had been giving. After reading the book, the Chevaliers realized that simply giving more than 10% doesn’t mean you’re giving sacrificially. They wanted to feel the sacrifice. Looking in Scripture that’s what they saw Christians called to.chevys2

Aaron and Kristen sat down with their budget and set aside everything except the absolute expenses (house, car, bills, etc.) they would have over the next two years. They cut cable, vacations, and IRA investments out of their monthly budget.

This would be the amount of their monthly giving to the vision campaign. The number was sacrificial enough to challenge them to trust God to “see how this goes.”

Then they met with Pastor AJ.

Before Aaron and Kristen shared their number with AJ, he asked them how they had come up with it. They shared about sitting down with the budget and cutting all but the essential expenses. “We won’t spend anything extra. We’ll just do the bare minimum for two years.”

Then AJ asked, “What about the money you currently have? Did you look at your 401k or IRAs?”

They had not. That seemed out of bounds. It was already designated somewhere. It was an extremely scary thought, but the Chevaliers put those investments on the table, too.

Keeping in mind the monthly amount they had decided upon, they looked at the commitment card and realized their total fell between two gift levels. They decided to use funds they already had on hand to bump their commitment up to the next gift level. It will be tough. It will stretch them. But they know it will be a learning experience, and they didn’t want to miss what God will teach them through it.

Since then, the Chevaliers found out they are pregnant.

“That’s going to make things a little tighter, but that also is where the trust thing will come in. We planned on this number and prayed about it and came up with what we needed to do. Then we found out we’re pregnant. We still have faith that’s the number we need to give. It will take some stretching and growing on our end. We both really enjoy control and having our lives together, so this will be good. God will use the experience to teach us about letting go of things and not having our whole lives in our own hands.”

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