How Do You View Money?

How Do You View Money?

In the Gospel & Money class we will talk about a taboo topic that as Christians we can and need to engage. How we view money deeply impacts our view of God and even displays where our heart loves, trusts, and depends. As we look at giving, spending, saving we will also look at wealth and poverty, righteousness and unrighteousness.

Here is what Ben and Courtney say about the class:

“The Gospel and Money class has sparked conversation about money that has continued well beyond the class and has practically changed how we view and spend money. We have found freedom in structuring/budgeting our money and bringing our finances into the light of community has allowed for deepening of relationships and accountability. If you are looking to be challenged and to acquire a greater understanding of how to honor God with your financial gifts then the Gospel and Money class is a great place to start.”

The Gospel & Money class will be held on three consecutive Sundays starting September 11th, register here.

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